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Meet the Staff

Lynn Farestad - Owner

Starting at a young age, I began creating with sewing and crocheting. My attempt at knitting, well, was unsuccessful. But I enjoyed and continued to try other crafty avenues. Cross stitch and needle point consumed me for a period also. Stitched was Love, is a dream come true. My passion is sewing and quilting – creating, and my goal is to share that passion and get as many others as “hooked” as I am. I love to share my knowledge, especially with newbies who are eager to learn. I believe in teaching with encouragement, excitement and smiles – this should be a fun experience.

Briana Babka

My abuelita was my first inspiration in creating – I remember sitting with her when she’d visit for the summer learning how to crochet little dresses and hats for her porcelain dolls. She gifted me my first sewing machine when I turned 15.

Nothing makes me happier than working at my machine creating handmade gifts. Bags are my favorite thing to make right now – with an almost three year old at the house, I tend to gravitate toward quick projects that are easy to put down and pick back up again.  I remember how excited I’d get when my abuelita would make something for me to enjoy – and now I get to see her face light up when I create for her and for others. These days, my daughter sits on my table next to me and plays with her box of lacing cards, yarn, and plastic needles. Someday I hope to teach her everything I’m learning, and inspire her to continue sewing and creating for the love of it.

Christina Bennett

I started sewing/crafting at the age of 8. In the beginning it was aprons, pillows, easy tote bags. Then as I got older curtains for my house, costumes for friends, alterations to clothing. In my early 20’s I made and quilted my first baby blanket (it was a gift for a friend). I was hooked and have been quilting ever since. I enjoy learning new things and then sharing those skills with others. I am definitely most happy when I am being creative.

Dusty Allendorf

I can’t remember a time I have not been active is some form of art/craft. Growing up I was surrounded by the creative, being a family of an artist, hair stylist, and even a professional clown who made her own elaborate costumes. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. While I have bounced around many crafting mediums (as long as it does not require fire; clumsy and fire do not mix, so I am told), fabric has always been my love. In fabric I can make useful art. I discovered modern quilting about 4-5 years ago and have never looked back. I love the lack of conformity (a quilt does not have to be a typical multi-block/gridded design) and the fewer ‘rules’ found with modern quilting. My aesthetic falls on the darker side (sometimes in color choices and sometimes in theme), but I have found a balance to that side with the much loved brightness at Stitched with Love. The best part of being on staff at Stitched with Love is now I get to help others discover this art. Oh, and play with fabric all day!

Jana Gentry

Did you know that your quilt tells a story?  Working here at Stitched with Love I enjoy hearing the story of your quilt or project. Growing up we did not live close to family, so in the summer we spent time at my grandmothers house.  I loved when everyone gathered around the kitchen table or in the family room and visited.  I listened to all the stories, both old and new.  Those early experiences created my love of stories.  People and their stories give me energy. I look forward to visiting with you and helping you tell your story.  Finding the project that inspires your creativity, fabrics that you love, sharing a tool to make your project easier, is this project for someone special and best of all seeing your project when you finish it! My story: I have moved to 10 different cities in my life and love change (yes more than likely I am the person that moved that bolt of fabric), super power - bringing order to
chaos and homemade cakes, life is all about perspective - consider the other person’s perspective, married 35 years - two amazing kids, photographer, quilter and blessed.

Jennifer Lockey

I have enjoyed being creatively involved in the quilt community for 25 years as a quilt designer, author, teacher and recently as a member of the staff at Stitched with Love.

Joan Turano

Coming Soon

Lyssa Rel

Starting at a young age I have always been the creative one in my family, something I get from my mom. This creativity is what led to me to change my major in college from Pre-Vet to Graphic Design. These days my main outlet of creativity is sewing and designing. Having three small boys, which you have read about a time or two, I don’t get much time for sewing so I generally go for bags to get the accomplished feeling from a few hours of work, but trust me I have many quilt projects in the works. One of my favorite parts of sewing is picking out fabric. I love helping customers go outside their box and seeing their face when they bring in the completed project and
love it.

Rebekah Kiesling

I learned to hand quilt when I was a child. I have always been drawn in by the art and originality of quilts and wanted to make my own.  They are a symbol of comfort to me.  I taught myself piecing so that I could make my own quilts.  I enjoy applique, piecing, and embroidery.  Now that I do long arm quilting, I am excited to see all the quilt tops I have made over the years turn into finished pieces.

Sarah Huechteman

There has not been much time in my life that I was not exposed to some form of sewing/crafting. I remember from an early age my Mom always having her sewing machine whirring or some type of hand sewing project in her basket. I started sewing/crafting at the age of 13 and haven’t stopped since! My quilting addiction took over about 24 years ago. Watching what happens when you cut big pieces of fabric into smaller ones and put them back together is like magic! Creating feeds my soul. I love putting a little piece of myself in every project that I
make…a handmade hug that can last for a long time. My journey has included over 10 years of fondling fabric at a quilt store along with teaching many classes along the way. I have been married for 31 years and have 2 wonderful children that have supported me in my creative journey and put up with a lot of stray threads around the house. And I hope that I have passed on along to them a love of creating…whether it be with fabric or some other type of media!

Specialty Staff

Though these people work mainly behind the scenes. You will periodically see their smiling faces at the store.

Bettepat Graves – Bus mom extraordinaire

I have carefully finagled quite the reputation as a t-shirt quilt-maker and quilt teacher. I might teach a modern quilt class every now and then because that’s where my quilting heart lies. If you asked me what my “gift” was it would be “matching” fabric and “figurin’ it out”. I am a nontraditional thinker when it comes to putting colors together for a project and I can pretty much turn a quilting disaster into a happy accident.

Kat Kiesling – School Break Help

I got my start sewing from my mother and grandmother. They started me on small projects and once they showed me how to sew skirts and dresses, I fell in love with it. From there, I began working on larger projects like quilts. My favorite part of the process is always choosing the fabric and getting to look at the colors and designs that are going to make up my final product.”

Tracy Painter – Social Media

I started sewing in sixth grade home ec and loved it! I’ve started and stopped sewing and throughout stages in my life and tried quilting in 2010 only to make three quilts and move on. I picked up quilting in April 2017 to make quilts as family gifts for Christmas and completed a total of 19. This was enough to make me only want to make bags and quick projects this year! I have yet to make myself a quilt so I think that will be my 2019 goal. I love helping others and sharing my love of quilting and sewing with all, on social media.