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ProStitcher from Basic to Advanced

12 Hours of Instruction
In this comprehensive class, students will learn all about the Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher Premium program using both hands-on and simulation. This class is great for both new and experienced users.

Students should come to class with a laptop, or the Pro-Stitcher tablet, with the keyboard, and a wired mouse. If help is needed to install Pro-Stitcher Simulator, assistance will be given.

Introduction to Pro-Stitcher Simulator
  • Modifying designs: resize/rotate/skew to shapes
  • In-depth tools and navigation
  • Working with multiple designs simultaneously
  • Discuss program updates
  • Placing borders with corners
  • Discuss machine settings, stitch lengths, speeds
  • Chunking borders
  • Setting, transforming and saving areas
  • Using the Record feature
  • New Workspace feature
  • Using the Mark feature
  • Creating edge-to-edge quilt layouts – all kinds
  • Using the Move feature
  • Wrapping and Off-setting edge-to-edge designs
  • Using New Start and End feature
  • Drag and drop method for advancing quilt
  • Determining stitch order
  • Cropping inside, outside, and start/end
  • Creative use of designs
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Whatever stage you are at with your ProStitcher, this will be a great class for you.
Bring a laptop / ProStitcher tablet, power cord and mouse.
Instructor Name:
Susan Manry

ProStitcher from Basic to Advanced

$ 200.00
Includes lunch on both days