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Hello Everyone!


Can you believe it’s been another month already!!! Time is passing so quickly...for me anyway!


We are still unable to meet for our Scrappy Triangles group, but from what I am hearing, most of you are keeping up or even finishing projects with your scrappy triangles. Yay! Great job! 👍


We will be doing our Second Saturday Sampler drive by this weekend. If you would like to drive by and pick up your 2 scrappy tootsie rolls, you are welcome to do that on Friday or Saturday, June 12th and 13th from 8:30 - 9:00.

Remember, driving by to pick up your scrappy tootsie rolls is like you are attending the meeting. You cannot pick up scrappy tootsie rolls for friends who are not with you or pick up past scrappy tootsie rolls if you missed the drive by last month. You can only get your 2 scrappy tootsie rolls if you do the drive by. And, you will not be able to pick and choose your scrappy tootsie rolls, you get what you get! 😉


I am going to be at the drive by this weekend and would love to see all your happy faces (mine will be masked) and say HI!!!


Our Scrappy Triangle blocks for June are #22, 23, 24 and 25, if you are like me and only doing the 4 or 5 a week. I will be working on mine this week so I don’t have pictures to show you, BUT…..we have some amazing people who have sent me pictures of their scrappy triangle quilts that I can’t wait for you to see!


This one is from Kim Jenkins. Isn’t it gorgeous!!!!


This one is from Cheryl Barber. The scrappy triangle front and her pieced back! Both gorgeous!!!!


And, this one is from Deanna Tucker. Sooo Beautiful!!

Thank you ladies for sending me your photos! 

I would love to have more photos of your scrappy triangle projects so I can post them in our emails. You can send them to me anytime!



I am doing the door prize drawing again this month, Yay!!!! 


  • Vicky Golas
  • Cyndi Dolan
  • Brenda Yeager
  • Marlene Schweickhardt
  • Karen Coffin


If you are one of the winners, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You can pick up your door prize when you drive by this weekend or drop by the shop to pick it up! 


Stitched with Love is open now for inside shopping. Yay!!!

Monday - Friday 9 -2

Saturdays 10 - 5

There are still some restrictions. Please check out their website for all the information before you go, so you can plan accordingly.


I don’t know what next month is going to bring, if we will be able to meet or not, but I sure miss you all and hope you are all healthy and happy.

Take care and STAY CREATIVE!